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Internet BTC ATM Is a Forced (FOLLOW YOUR SPONSOR) Matrix Member to Member Platform
  • Every affiliate actually has an UNLIMITED number of members in his/her direct downline.
  • ALL personal referrals PAY YOU and are placed on YOUR front line (No limits).
  • Because ALL personal referrals pay you and all levels are UNLIMITED WIDE, there will be NO Spillover and NO Matrix stalling due to downline members that do NOT upgrade to the higher matrix levels.

‚ÄčWhat would you do if your current form of income stopped? Do you have a "Plan B" or a 2nd or 3rd income stream to keep your bills paid and food on the table for the family? This is how our Plan B works for us and it can work for you too.

This is just a breakdown of what can happen for you. It is NOT a must do. It's just a simple plan or something for you to think about.

If you sponsored 10 "PAID" people into the IBA program and each one of your 10 did the same (sponsored 10 each). Sponsoring just 2-3 people per week for 1 month and you have 10.

This is what 
OUR PLAN B would look like:

You - (sponsor 10 on your front line)

Level 1 - 10 people x $20 BTC paid to you = $200 BTC  
(now each new member sponsors 10 people) 
(Month 1)

Level 2 - 100 people x $20 BTC paid to you = $2,000 BTC  
(now each new member sponsors 10 people) (Month 2)

Level 3 - 1,000 people x $20 BTC paid to you = $20,000 BTC  
(now each new member sponsors 10 people) (Month 3)

Level 4 - 10,000 people x $20 BTC paid to you = $200,000 BTC  
(now each new member sponsors 10 people) (Month 4)

Level 5 - 100,000 people x $20 BTC paid to you = $2,000,000 BTC  
(now each new member sponsors 10 people) (Month 5)


If at anytime you need or want to make more money, just sponsor a few more people. You can sponsor an Unlimited number of people on your front line.


What About the Earning Formula? Be amazed!

The initial payment to your upline will only be $20 and you can pay with cash or through Bitcoin. All future level payments will only be received via Bitcoin. You can get your FREE Bitcoin account by following the instructions below after you join IBA. 

Internet BTC ATM has an Unlimited X 5 forced matrix downline structure. 

The Strategy is to upgrade to levels 2-5 with your first 4 payments received so you are all in and can then receive payments from all 5 levels which are all UNLIMITED WIDE!!

Internet BTC ATM?

  • The program offers both Banner and Text Advertising.
  • 100% of your profits will be delivered straightly into your Bitcoin account.
  • The program is an automated system, so you don’t have to worry about the processes. It will process all the orders and will send 100% of your sales directly into your personal Bitcoin account.
  • With this program, you have all the chances to generate huge income!
  • It is a technologically advanced system, meaning you don’t really have to be equipped with technical know-how before you start earning money.

Isn’t it great? Why wait? Make the right move and start reaping profits online with Internet BTC ATM!

Open a Bitcoin Wallet Account.  I use COINBASE to store my Bitcoins.  If you don't have one go Register HERE.  Once registered, fund your account with your Debit/Credit Card or bank acct..  You can review the current amount of money you want to invest in Bitcoin to US Dollars here.

The fastest way to get your account confirmed is to completely validate yourself by sending your id and adding banking information.  Think of this kind of like a bank account for your Bitcoins.  Once confirmed you will be able to purchase Bitcoin via credit / debit or via your bank account as well as send and receive Bitcoins.  I've found when people don't completely verify themselves or add their bank account the process can takes multiple days or longer to get your Bitcoin and account verified.